Could osteopathy help me?

Osteopaths are trained to identify problems in the body with their sensitive hands. We study anatomy and physiology and are highly skilled in diagnostic processes to identify the cause of problems.

The Osteopath’s skills don’t stop there because Osteopaths are also trained in a range of treatment techniques to treat your body. After assessing you, if your condition requires further investigation, we can order X-rays, MRI, or ultrasounds and if it is necessary, we can refer you to your GP for further medical attention. I aim to get to the origin of your problem and assist your body to become fully functioning again and help you keep it that way.

 So, if you have pain in your body, trouble with the way your body works or doesn’t work you should consider seeing an Osteopath.

 If you are uncertain if Osteopathy will help you.  I am happy to talk to you or answer your email.   CONTACT ME