When not to see an Osteopath?

Often when a patient goes to see an osteopath they know exactly where and when their body hurts, but sometimes they just don’t feel right. This is not the time to avoid an Osteopath but rather a good time to see an Osteopath.  Osteopaths are trained to identify problems in your body, not just to treat a sore back.

If you are recovering from surgery, treatment from an Osteopath could assist your recovery by using techniques that promote the body to heal. You may be recovering from an accident and started using crutches or walking in an orthotic boot while the injury heals. While foot recovers the rest of your is strained as you try to walk and move. Osteopathic treatment can help your foot heal, while also assisting the rest of your body.

Many patients come in for regular treatment to fix the little issues to stay at their best before little issues get bigger. The timing of the treatments may vary depending on the individual circumstances.

If you have a concern that you may have an infectious condition, please call before your appointment and we can discuss if it is appropriate to be treated by an Osteopath at that time.